Authorities have over the years spend a lot of energy trying to scare the population and the users of the internet about Cookies. Most people do not even know what Cookies are - but Authorities have said they are dangerous - so users fear those "things". Cookies are just tiny small files generated by the website you are visiting where the website can store temporary information which again will help you to a pleasant experience. The website can then read the information again when needed - you won't even feel it. Claiming that this is dangerous is a lie.

The problem about Cookies is that they can be read from other websites as well. A good example here is Google Adsense. Google Adsense will read other vendors Cookies to become more direct in there adverticing. You can discuss if this is dangerous, but it can of course be a problem if the user is prone to accept whatever Adverticing is placed in front of her or his eyes.

These pages do not use Cookies. Other techniques are used where temporary information are deleted at the latest when the browser is closed or 20 Minutes after you were active on the page. This will reset every selection you have made on the page which again will lead to other issues for users coming by here every so often. We do appoligy for this here. If you forward deep links to these pages, the selections you may have made are sent as well. We do therefore not recommend users to send deep links from these pages to other users.

The pages here do also not look into Cookies generated by other websites. We do not use third parties software which could potentially use Cookies.

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