Torsten A. Laursen

My Hompeage serves various goals. Primarily it has to be informative which is also the reason why you will find a lot of text and less pictures. I do try to be a bit fun when writing, but you will soon realize that my humor is dry and can appear rather negative. This has to do with the way I was raised. When you learn me to know you will though soon like my way to express myself. My Homepage does contain a broad spectrum of information. You can find information on the cars I've had, Music I play on my keyboard and also valuable information on various travel destinations.

One of the more unique things I write about is what you have to look for should you decide to move to Germany. I have lived here since 2013 and I have learned the hard way what to look for and how to find my way through the system. This will not be a long list of things to do but information which will force you to think. Think and realize that the world outside the borders you know isn't necessarily what you've learned to know over the years. You will have to realize that the grass isn't greener on the other side of the boarder - more just a different kind of green.

Apart from the information I'm sharing, it is a goal for me to learn how to make homepages. Technology changes and in my daily job I need to be able to talk to developers. This is my way to learn about what they are doing, so that I can speak the language they talk. You will find errors on these pages - consider them a playground for me and just laugh about the mistakes you find. Over the years I've learned, that the best way to learn is to jump right out into the deep water and start learning to swim.

I do hope that you will have fun reading these pages. Please press the button below to continue to my pages.

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