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Purpose was created to give members of the family and other close friends the opportunity to create and publish web pages. does also work as a test and development area. It is therefore also possible for the members of the family and their close friends to get links on this page pointing towards other web sites on the internet.If the Internet connection works and the web server is running this domain will be available 24 hours per day 7 days a week 365 days a year. There will though be situations where updates are installed and maintenance is done on the network, where outages can occur.


To get a web page on, you will need to get directly in contact with the web-master.
E-Mail Addresses will not be made unless very good arguments makes sense.


Neither Web-Master nor other members of the family can be made responsible for publication on web-sites which have been linked from this domain. Links are only checked when created and do therefore only have to be relevant in the moment when made.


Cookies are normally not used in the pages published from this domain. In case where Cookies are inevitably, you will be warned in a suitable way where you can’t avoid seeing it.

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